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July 2007

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Farscape fic: Yellow Submarine

Title: Yellow Submarine
Rating: PG
Word count: 366
Setting: Post Liars, Guns and Money Trilogy

Beta: lyricalviolet
Disclaimer: Henson and Co... I just “borrow” them from time to time. Sadly, they are not like Blockbuster where if you decide you want to keep them, they just charge the full amount to your account. grumpy This was spawned from last weeks mircofic topic---sleep deprivation.

It has become routine now. Sleep cycle begins and she goes to him. She keys the lights low—but not off— and keeps still; he likes to curl close beside her, like a Pressmar kitten to its mother. He fidgets, hands always busy, petting her. The pull on her shirt fascinates him now. Gently, she coaxes him to lay his head in her lap, drawing the golden sheet over his sprawled legs. He talks to her, inane ramblings and bits of songs, his hands dancing above his tired face, knuckles caressing her breasts as he plays with the zipper pull. She lets him, gently stroking his cheeks with her fingertips. She waits; some nights she simply cannot quiet him and has to call for Zhaan to drug him to sleep.

Tonight however, he seems more in control. The madness still dances in his eyes, but she catches bits of John in the corners, in between songs and Scorpius. His fingers brush across her lips, and she takes that as a sign he want her to start.

She didn’t know any songs of her own, so she used the little she could remember of his. “In the town where I was born/lived a man who sailed to sea. And he told us of his life/in the land of submarines.” She’d felt ridiculous the first time she’d tried singing to him; she knew she had no talent. But John had frozen mid rant, and listened. When she faltered, forgetting the lyrics, he’d been able to correct her, and helped her finish the song.

He was mouthing the words with her now, eyelids drooping. “So we sailed up to the sun till we found the sea of green. And we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine.”

Eventually he drifts off, although his fingertips occasionally twitch. She’ll sing until her voice is gone, repeating the chorus until first shift starts and D’Argo relieves her from her watch. She’ll try to catch a few arns of rest before the madness breaks through again. Pilot estimates another weeken before they reach the Diagnosian.

Aeyrn wishes she knew another song.

We all live in a yellow submarine,
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine




Oh, my, do I love the way you write.
*turns pink*

Thank you!
This was lovely when I first read it, and its lovely now:)
Smooches to you!
Really nice, it's perfectly Aeryn. =D

Do you mind if I link this in <lj user="girlgerms_news''>?
Go right ahead! Would you mind sending me the link though? I like to keep track of what goes where.

Thanks for reading!
It'll go up in the next newsletter (issue no.18) which will be on Sunday night *crosses fingers*, I'll link back then.

I watched Farscape years ago and got my hands on the DVDs recently but I haven't found any Farscape fandom before, I found the Farscape newsletter through SG1 fandom. Excellent stuff. =D
I don't know if you do forum boards but www.terrafirmascapers.com is the best place online. Check it out!
Thanks! =D
most excellent--elegantly and simply stated, yet capturing her love for him in his madness,and her care for him.

I liked this muchly.
Aeryn has so much heart, it just kills me. She's my favorite, hands down.

Thanks for reading! *hugs you*
You and me both, girl. My favorite, bar none, hands down. I'm glad you did her justice here. I've just been reading such a rash of poor Aeryn characterizations that this is just such a breath of fresh air.

And I'm very picky about Aeryn.